Your Semen – A Diet For Better Sperm Taste

A tip that everyone SHOULD know (but many don’t) is how to alter semen to be more pleasant tasting. You may have encountered semen that tastes bitter and “bleachy”. This is due in part to the alkalinity in the body’s secretions. Let’s face it, what you put into your body will be recycled back out. It may be interesting why this is, but all you really need to know is what to DO about it!

There are several ways to alter the taste of semen through diet changes. The very quickest, easiest and most basic is to simply drink PINEAPPLE JUICE. It can be canned or bottled, fresh or frozen. Within approximately 24 hrs, you’ll notice a distinct taste change in the semen. It may become sweeter, but it may not. What will happen is the bleachy, alkaline taste will be neutralized by the acid from the pineapple juice. Many other remedies are good suggestions as well. Eating things like parsley (good for bad breath as well), and vegetables, avoiding red meats, heavy meals, and strong flavors are all good suggestions, but simply drinking pineapple juice at least 12 hours before sex is the easiest quick fix for the problem. As long as you can find pineapple juice, then re-arranging your entire diet is unnecessary!

So skip the wine and beer at dinner, and grab some of this amazing tropical nectar instead. Your significant other will appreciate it, and you’ll reap the benefits ten-fold! And as always, keep drinking plenty of water. What’s good for the semen is good for the whole body.