Sweet Sperm-Ways to Increase Sperm Volume

Sweet Sperm

Sweet Sperm

Men are always asking me how to increase sperm volume. As a sex and penis enlargement expert people often ask me on the off chance that I may have an answer to their problem. The truth is I'm a penis health expert so this definitely falls into my expertise. I have used products which not only help with penis size, but also stamina, hardness and to increase sperm volume. In this article I'm going to tell you exactly how to increase sperm volume…

The top tip is very simple indeed. Most of sperm is the fluid which acts as nutrition for the sperm. To increase sperm volume you should drink lots of water. This is especially important if your sperm is thick and lumpy. The reason for these lumps is that you aren't hydrated enough.

L-arginine is vital to penis health and will help with the production of sperm. If you want more then you should look to take this essential amino acid.

Exercise is a way of making your body as productive as possible. If you don't exercise then your body becomes less effective in every area, including sperm production.

Cut down on alcohol consumption. It is well known that alcohol lowers the sperm count. If you want to increase sperm volume then only have a few drinks a week.

Sweet Sperm

Sleep is the time when your body recovers and this is vital to sperm production. You should sleep for between 5 and 9 hours a night. The healthier you are then the closer to the 5 hour mark you should be.

Taking a good multi-vitamin formula is also vital to increasing sperm volume. This should provide your body with everything you need for your body. We want to make your body a polished, efficient machine so that energy levels and sperm production are up.

Wearing underwear which allows your scrotum to breathe is vital. This is because sperm needs to be kept cold. If it is pressed against your body then it become warm and is less effective.

I learned this because I wanted better penis health. You can improve every aspect of your penis health within months, and the benefits to your overall well-being and your love life are incredible.

Sweet Sperm

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