Sweet Cum-Change Your Diet

Sweet Cum

To most men, good head is delivered best when their partners swallow their slurry sperm. But let's face it getting good head is sometimes quite difficult to get, what's more is getting your sperm swallowed. It is actually quite difficult to convince your girlfriend or even your wife to swallow your cum. It is, at times, close to impossible. And if in any case, you got lucky, the next complains will be, "I don't like the way it tasted." or "Its consistency does not make me comfortable." When this happens, the least you can do is try make your sperm more acceptable for your partner's palate.Sweet Cum-Change Your Diet

So, how can you make this happen? The answer is on your plate. Yes. What you eat affects the way your sperm tastes. A change in your diet can actually do the trick. And what could be more inviting to a girl's taste buds but something would taste like chocolate. Almost every girl I know has a sweet tooth. Let me share with you some tips on how to make your sperm sweet.

Sweet Cum

1. Stay away from junk foods. I know. This is quite difficult to do. Just do this. Whenever you feel the itch of grabbing a pack of Cheetos, think of the best good head you are about to get in a few weeks time.

2. Say goodbye to foods that are high in sulfur content. If you wonder why, just go back to the theory that what you eat is what you excrete. Have you drunk too much beer? Did you notice that even after a real good shower, the stench of beer is still in your sweat? Now think of sulfur content in your body. Imagine what sulfur tastes and smells like. Got the point?

3. Forget about the wonders caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and recreational drugs can give you. How do they taste anyway? They taste bitter, right? And they willl make your sperm taste bitter as well. That's good enough reason for you to stay away from these pollutant containing substances. Nobody wants to take a bitter medicine.

4. Drink lots of water. It's a good aid to flushing out toxins and we all know that toxins do not and will never taste good. 5. Peppermint, cinnamon, lemon and cardamon have been proven to neutralize the odd taste of sperm. I apologize for not being able to describe what this odd taste is. I have never tried and will never try tasting it.

6. Pineapples! And lots of vitamin C. Most of my friends have tried this and it has been proven effective. Eating pineapples and drinking pineapple juice can really sweeten your cum. Fruits actually do provide similar results. So, start stuffing mangoes, melons, cranberries, grapes and apples in your fridge.

7. Wheatgrass, parsley and celery has been said to have the ability to reduce the bitterness of sperm. This may due to their high content of chlorophyll.

8. Stay away from too much dairy products and red meat unless you want your sperm to taste salty – that is. These foods contain protein that has the ability to make your sperm taste salty and buttery.

Brace yourself for your sweet tasting sperms. Follow these tips for about four weeks or so. You may want to tease your partner by telling her that you are doing this "change of diet" thing in order for your sperm to taste sweet. We all know that women are very curious creatures. She will surely find it interesting to try swallowing your sperm the next time you ask for a good head.

Sweet Cum