Sperm Taste Like-Secrets to Improving Sperm Taste Like For Lovers So You Can Enjoy it Even More Together

Sperm Taste Like

Sperm Taste Like

Sperm taste can impact the quality of your relationship with your lover if this is something you share together. No matter how much they like you, you still want to avoid tasting foul to your lover. You can take steps to ensure that the taste of your sperm is sweet as can be.

What You Eat Can Influence The Taste Of Your Sperm

Understand that whatever you put in your body can influence your sperm taste for good and for bad. The trick is to know which foods and drinks to avoid and which to enjoy more of so you always taste your best.

There are number of things in your current diet that could be making your sperm taste bitter and this could discourage your lover from enjoying you more.

What To Avoid Or Minimize

Cigarette smoking is perhaps one of the biggest offenders in this area, especially if your lover doesn't also smoke. Quitting cigarette smoking will go a long way in removing one of the biggest factors in making you taste less than desirable.

Sperm Taste Like

Certain foods you eat can make you sperm taste bitter or too salty. These can include:

  •     Garlic
  •     Onions
  •     Heavy spices
  •     Coffee
  •     Red meat
  •     Dairy products

Now the point is not to avoid these foods and drinks altogether. It's more an issue of keeping their impact on your semen taste in mind. For example, if you know you will be enjoying oral activities with your lover soon, you may want to avoid or go easy on the garlic prior to your lovemaking sessions. Simple isn't it?

These Can Make Your Sperm Taste Better

The good is that even though there are some foods that can make you taste less than ideal, there are many more foods that can improve your sperm taste and make you even more desirable to your lover.

Fruit juices, especially citrus juices can have a very fast positive impact on how you taste to your lover. Fresh fruit including fresh pineapple can help make you taste sweeter than ever. These types of foods not only make you taste better they are also good for you. So you get twice the benefit.

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Sperm Taste Like

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