Sperm Taste Better-The Secret to Making Your Semen Taste Better

Sperm Taste Better

Sperm Taste Better

Are you looking for a way to make your semen taste better that really works? Then read on as I have found a proven method that is sure to make your semen as sweet as can be!

The Real Reason Guys Want Their Semen To Taste Better

First, let's understand the real motive we likely share in wanting to have our semen taste better. Namely, that we want our partners to be even more receptive to it and enjoy it more themselves. That my friend is my motivation and I'm quite certain that it is likely yours too. I trust I don't have to go into any graphic detail as to what I'm talking about and your imagination may even be more vivid than mine!

Better Tasting Semen Is Simple Matter Of Replacement

Sperm Taste Better

So let's get right to it. To make your semen taste better you need to replace one item in your diet with another. Simple enough?

I love onions! But they have got to go if you want your lover to be more receptive to the taste of your semen. You don't have to rid them from your diet altogether but you'll certainly want to avoid them days prior to any activity you expect to involve the taste of your semen. This goes for garlic as well. Feel free to enjoy these foods at other times. Isn't that a small price to pay for the sheer joy of having your partner enjoy your semen more?

Even Better Than Pineapple Juice For Sweetening Semen

Next, you may have heard that pineapple juice works wonders for making your semen taste better? Well, lets take that one step better. Skip the pineapple juice and go for fresh pineapple! You know, the real thing. That is the secret to making your semen taste sweet to your partner. Sure, pineapple juice is ok but that usually comes in a can and tastes like tin can. If you want to taste great and have your partner crave more semen, eat real pineapple on a regular basis. It tastes great and so will you!

Once you employ this simple tip for sweetening your semen you may find your girl wants even more of it from you. Don't let her down! Give her more of what she craves by being able to produce more semen yourself every time! How you ask? That's simple.

Sperm Taste Better

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