Semen Taste – How to Improve the Taste of Your Semen With Natural Fresh Juices

The one thing about a man is that his semen either tastes sweet or bitter. A man can improve the taste of his semen. What a man’s ejaculate is made form is what he eats and drinks. Change this and you change your sperm flavor.

An easy way to improve the taste of your sperm is with fresh vegetable and fruit juices. Here are some juice combinations you may want to try.

Raw carrot and alfalfa juice. Alfalfa is a very nutritious food. High in calcium. It helps to alkalize the body. Anything alkaline will help semen become sweeter. Acidic foods make semen bitter. To make alfalfa easier to take mix it with carrot juice.

Celery and cucumber juice. Celery also creates an alkaline state in the body. It has natural sodium in great quantity, and mixed with cucumber it is a refreshing vegetable juice. Cucumber contains potassium, among other minerals, and is a cooling juice especially in the summer months.

Spinach and lettuce juice. Spinach is a powerful cleansing vegetable when raw. As with most raw greens it is easily digested in the body. Lettuce has a lot of the iron and magnesium and, is an ever popular part of salads, it also useful when juiced.

Raw juices can be had first thing in the morning. This is a great way to begin your day. The digestive system is introduced to something alkaline first thing. Juices are fast to make as no cooking is required. All you need is a vegetable juicer. They give you an energy boost as the natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals nourish the body and cleanse the system.

Raw juices are a quick way to improve the taste of a man’s semen and the raw materials are in any local supermarket.