Make Your Semen Taste Better

Make Your Semen Taste Better

A good diet will make good-tasting semen. Diet affects all the body's secretions, such as sperm, sweat and urine, etc. It will be good for you to know what are the kinds of food that you should eat.

Therefore, by changing your daily diet, it will have a massive effect on your body secretions, which is of course including your semen.

The most effective way to change the taste of your semen is not by taking those supplements, which will only disguise the salty bitter taste. To have a real good tasting semen, you will need to change your diet.

So what are the kinds of food intake you should avoid? Avoid junk food, drugs, curry and strongly spiced dishes. Smoking and alcohol consumptions also contribute to bad tasting semen.

Make Your Semen Taste Better

Vegetables such as onions and garlic contain high amounts of sulfur and vegetables from the cabbage family, like Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage which all add to bitter semen.

To have better tasting semen, you will need to take in things like fruit juices, fresh fruits and drinks lots of water. According to research, one of the best fruit juices to drink if you want to have sweeter semen is pineapple juice. Do not ask me why, just follow what those research expert says and you will be fine!

Some other sources of intakes you can consider to have sweeter semen are to take cinnamon, cardamom, peppermint and lemon.

There are a lot of benefits to maintain a healthy diet. You can keep your body free from sickness, as well as having better tasting semen which will enhance your sex life with your partner.

But do keep this point in mind that your body takes 12 hours to secrete what you put into it, so remember this point when eating the foods listed above.

Make Your Semen Taste Better

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