How you can Improve Semen Taste

Improve Semen Taste

How you can improve Semen taste

For the ones who don’t know many things about semen, we will try in this article to explain some things and also in the same time you will find out how you can improve your sexual life in a record period of time. We decided to write this kind of articles because there are many men which are searching on the internet for advices, without any payment. There are websites which are answering to the questions which are received but when we are speaking about sexual problems, semen problems in our case, just a couple of lines are not enough. That is why our doctors and herbalists will explain you all you need to know. On this article we will focus on semen taste and how you can improve your semen taste. But let’s see some details about the main subject of our article: the semen.

A few things you should now about semen

Semen is the fluid which is ejaculated by the man when he is reaching the climax. Climax is another name for the orgasm. The quantity of the semen is not the same for every man and more semen means as you probably imagine a better and longer orgasm. There are not any natural ways (by natural we mean exercise which can increase your semen volume) but there are some herbal products which are especially designed to do that. (Put here a link to more-sperm pills) Semen contains just 1% what we call sperm and which is the main element of fertilization. The other substances are eliminated 64-65% from the seminal vesicles, 35% from the prostate and just about 5% from vasa. There are many minerals and substances in the semen such as: fructose, enzymes, citric acid or phosphorylcholine. The average quantity which is eliminated is between 4.5 and 6 ml. In depends from every man as we told you in the previous paragraph. Another three things which are usually asked on the internet are the color, the smell and of course the taste. About the taste we will speak later so if we’ll focus on the smell and color you must know that the usual smell is like the Chlorine and its image is white in the first seconds after the ejaculation and watery after some minutes. The sperms from the semen which is ejaculated after one sexual relation are between 40 mills and no less than 600 millions. This difference as you can easily see is very big. This number depends on your body and also on the arousal point which is reached by every male.

Improve Semen Taste

Men love blowjob. It is a true fact and the last researches made by the doctors who are specialists in sexology are offering their results even on the internet. The problem comes when the partner doesn’t want to offer it. There are many reasons but then the female is mature the main reason is the bad semen taste. You, as a male, probably don’t realize how you can be affected by the bad semen taste if your partner doesn’t tell you anything. If you’ll have the opportunity to view the researches which were made the companies which are offering meds for sexual life, you’ll see that more than 45% females are not happy about their partner semen taste. Every man has his own semen taste. Now, you don’t have to think that the differences are too big. Generally the semen is salty, bitter or a little bit sweet but not drastically.

There are some things which are affecting your semen flavor and make it taste very bad. For the ones which don’t know what you eat offers the taste of your sperm (we will alternate the terms semen and sperm but we refer to the same thing). This is true if your body and sperm is healthy. If you suffer from any sexual problem, your semen flavor is also affected by this. What are the products which are making your semen taste bad: – Onion; Garlic; Red meat; Fish; – Cigarettes – Coffee – Alcohol As you probably can see some of these products are used every day by many men. It looks like more than 70% from the total number of males are smoking and about 80% are drinking coffee. When it comes to such a big number we have for sure a problem. All of these are consumed daily and it looks like the semen taste of these guys is compromised. Well, this thing can be solved with a product which is 100% natural and it is made to improve your sperm taste.

There are products which are made to improve your sperm taste but when it comes to the other ones which are consumed daily maybe it is not enough. What are the products which are making your semen flavor great: -pineapple (juice or fruit) – Melon -Meat with a small number of proteins In the same time you need too protect your sperm health because some infections can also affect your sperm flavor. That is why for example you need to drink more than 2 l of water every day. In this way you will eliminate a great number of toxins… but we will treat this subject in another article.

The conclusion

As a conclusion, if you want to have a great sexual life you can have it for sure with no big efforts. We are that you will not give up smoking because this is affecting your semen taste but our advice is that you can find a way to drink coffee or alcohol and in the same time to have a very sweet semen flavor. There are plants well-known by the herbalists such as: Ginkgo Biloba or Mucuna Pruriens which together can create a formula ready to help you in this way. More than that the medicine which is created from these ingredients can help you also to protect your semen health and increase sperm count. You can read more by entering here: (put the more-sperm link)

improve Semen taste

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