Semen Flavor

A tip that everyone SHOULD know (but many don’t) is how to alter semen to be more pleasant tasting. You may have encountered semen that tastes bitter and “bleachy”. This is due in part to the alkalinity in the body’s secretions. Let’s face it, what you put into your body will be recycled back out. …

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Sperm Flavor

Sperm Flavor More and more men discuss about their sexual problems, trying to find answers to tormenting questions. You can find many debates all over the internet regarding such problems. Our team of doctors and researchers approached some of those problems and succeeded in finding solutions to the vast majority of them. An answer was …

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Semen taste

Semen Taste As we spoke on the first part of our articles a big problem which is very present in the couples is the bad semen taste. There are many doctors who are speaking about this problem and the general question is related to what we eat. Is important for our semen taste what and …

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