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Sperm Flavor

Sperm Flavor More and more men discuss about their sexual problems, trying to find answers to tormenting questions. You can find many debates all over the internet regarding such problems. Our team of doctors and researchers approached some of those problems and succeeded in finding solutions to the vast majority[…] Read More →

Semen taste

Semen Taste As we spoke on the first part of our articles a big problem which is very present in the couples is the bad semen taste. There are many doctors who are speaking about this problem and the general question is related to what we eat. Is important for[…] Read More →

How you can Improve Semen Taste

Improve Semen Taste For the ones who don’t know many things about semen, we will try in this article to explain some things and also in the same time you will find out how you can improve your sexual life in a record period of time. We decided to write[…] Read More →

Sperm Taste

Sperm Taste Resently I found a solution to improve the taste of your sperm and this is a 100% natural way with out having any side effects…Yummy Cum – Improved Semen Tastethat can improve your sperm taste, but before that let's learn some info. The sperm count is a measure[…] Read More →

How to Improve Cum Taste

Improve Cum Taste Yummy cum is a semen taste enhancer which any man can take to make the taste of their semen better. It is produced using extracts from potent fruits and natural antioxidants. It will not just enhance the aroma, sweetness and flavor of your cum, but it will[…] Read More →

How to Make Cum Taste Good?

Improve Cum Taste The taste of a man's semen is definitely acquired. Some people like it and others do not, refusing to swallow it at all. The major complaint is that it tastes bitter-like bleach with salt in it. It can be a very bad turn off. It is possible[…] Read More →

Semen Taste – How to Improve the Taste of Your Semen With Natural Fresh Juices

Semen Taste The one thing about a man is that his semen either tastes sweet or bitter. A man can improve the taste of his semen. What a man's ejaculate is made form is what he eats and drinks. Change this and you change your sperm flavor. An easy way[…] Read More →

Improve Semen – Sperm Taste

Improved Semen Taste Consuming pineapple or parsley helps sweeten the taste of the male sperm ejaculate. Can there be any truth to this and what other foods affect the taste, for better or for worse?" Yes, what you eat can influence the taste and smell of your semen – sperm.[…] Read More →

Diet For Better Sperm Taste

Improved Semen Taste Your semen reflects what you eat… All the body's secretions such as sweat, saliva, urine and your sperm smell and flavor are affected by what you eat. What goes in comes out and is reflected in the flavor and smell. Ever notice how when you eat a[…] Read More →

Make Your Semen Taste Better

Make Your Semen Taste Better With the 21st century's fast food diet and the stressful routines we find difficult to break away from, our bodily fluids and juices can be "off" at times. We camouflage the smell of body fluids with a panoply of cosmetics so that our relationships remain[…] Read More →