Sperm Flavor

Our Ultimate goal is to improve semen flavor.


Semen is the fluid which is ejaculated by every man when he reaches the orgasm point. This is a very simple definition but which is offering you a clear image about what we are talking. This semen contains beside sperm 65 per cent of fluid from the seminal vesicles, 30 to 35 per cent from the prostate and 5 per cent from the vasa. There are many men who are not making the difference between semen and sperm. As we told you the semen is the fluid which contains sperm. It is very important to have a healthy sperm. A man usually is usually producing between 10 and 50 million sperms/day and from this number it is the best to have less than 40% abnormal sperms. There are just some details about semen, you can read our articles which are focused exactly on this problem to find much more about how you can improve your sperm count and also which is the best medicine to improve the number of your healthy sperms.

Semen Flavor

As we spoke on the first part of our articles a big problem which is very present in the couples is the bad semen taste. There are many doctors who are speaking about this problem and the general question is related to what we eat.

Is important for our semen taste what and also when we eat?

The general answer is yes. It is like the smell of your respiration after you ate garlic or union. This very important relation is not hard to explain. Semen contains mostly protein, ascorbic acid, citric acid, fructose, sodium, chloride and smaller amounts of ammonia, prostaglandins, cholesterol, acid phosphates, calcium, carbon dioxide, and other minerals which are produced by the prostate gland. Of course every man is having its own way to create semen by all these ingredients are almost the same. This is way it is normal to experience better semen flavors if you eat more vegetables and less proteins. The meat and generally the red one is offering a very bad taste because the proteins are not sweet. In the same time the carbohydrates will improve for sure your semen taste. In the same time for healthy semen you must eat proteins which are rich in zinc.

These are just a few ideas but it is important for you to remember that every man is having a specific semen taste and also volume. It depends very much on his way to enjoy his free time, what he eats, when he eats, etc. If you’ll eat garlic for example in the evening for sure your sperm will have a horrible taste in the morning. The same thing is happening with the ones which are drinking and smoking. Both are making the semen flavor very bad and if we speak just about the cigarettes, there are many men who are smoking every day, so you can imagine their semen taste. For them there are some herbal treatments on the market which will improve their sperm flavor even if they are smoking 20 cigarettes/day. The same thing is with happening with the ones which are drinking coffee every day. As you probably can image the taste of you semen cannot be improved by coffee.

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