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Our Ultimate goal is to improve semen flavor. But lets Analysis what semen is and how we can Improve semen Flavor


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Semen is the fluid which is ejaculated by every man when he reaches the orgasm point. This is a very simple definition but which is offering you a clear image about what we are talking. This semen contains beside sperm 65 per cent of fluid from the seminal vesicles, 30 to 35 per cent from the prostate and 5 per cent from the vasa. There are many men who are not making the difference between semen and sperm. As we told you the semen is the fluid which contains sperm. It is very important to have a healthy sperm. A man usually is usually producing between 10 and 50 million sperms/day and from this number it is the best to have less than 40% abnormal sperms. There are just some details about semen, you can read our articles which are focused exactly on this problem to find much more about how you can improve your sperm count and also which is the best medicine to improve the number of your healthy sperms.

Semen Flavor

As we spoke on the first part of our articles a big problem which is very present in the couples is the bad semen taste. There are many doctors who are speaking about this problem and the general question is related to what we eat.

Is important for our semen taste what and also when we eat?

The general answer is yes. It is like the smell of your respiration after you ate garlic or union. This very important relation is not hard to explain. Semen contains mostly protein, ascorbic acid, citric acid, fructose, sodium, chloride and smaller amounts of ammonia, prostaglandins, cholesterol, acid phosphates, calcium, carbon dioxide, and other minerals which are produced by the prostate gland. Of course every man is having its own way to create semen by all these ingredients are almost the same. This is way it is normal to experience better semen flavors if you eat more vegetables and less proteins. The meat and generally the red one is offering a very bad taste because the proteins are not sweet. In the same time the carbohydrates will improve for sure your semen taste. In the same time for healthy semen you must eat proteins which are rich in zinc.

yummycum-coupleThese are just a few ideas but it is important for you to remember that every man is having a specific semen taste and also volume. It depends very much on his way to enjoy his free time, what he eats, when he eats, etc. If you’ll eat garlic for example in the evening for sure your sperm will have a horrible taste in the morning. The same thing is happening with the ones which are drinking and smoking. Both are making the semen flavor very bad and if we speak just about the cigarettes, there are many men who are smoking every day, so you can imagine their semen taste. For them there are some herbal treatments on the market which will improve their sperm flavor even if they are smoking 20 cigarettes/day. The same thing is with happening with the ones which are drinking coffee every day. As you probably can image the taste of you semen cannot be improved by coffee.

Another thing that we eat every day and it is very hard to avoid are the spicy foods. There are many men who are eating very spicy and some of them cannot stop that. Of course many of them don’t know that this is making their semen taste spicy and not pleasant for their partner.

You semen taste is also affected by what we consider abnormal semen. Beside what we spoke earlier in this articles there are also other things which are affecting your semen taste and in this way you cannot have a great sexual life. The first problem is what we consider watery semen. This is a sign of retrograde ejaculation and like in the cases of low sperm count the taste is bad. The reasons are obviously and they refer especially on the abnormal ingredients which are not all present in your semen fluid. Think semen will also have a bad taste and beside this problem, it will be also a bad issue if you will want a baby with the one you love.

Benefits of Better Semen Flavor

Men love blowjob. It is a true fact and the last researches made by the doctors who are specialists in sexology are offering their results even on the internet. The problem comes when the partner doesn’t want to offer it. There are many reasons but then the female is mature the main reason is the bad semen taste. You, as a male, probably don’t realize how you can be affected by the bad semen taste if your partner doesn’t tell you anything. If you’ll have the opportunity to view the researches which were made the companies which are offering meds for sexual life, you’ll see that more than 45% females are not happy about their partner semen taste.

Every man has his own semen taste. Now, you don’t have to think that the differences are too big. Generally the semen is salty, bitter or a little bit sweet but not drastically. There are some things which are affecting your semen flavor and make it taste very bad. For the ones which don’t know what you eat offers the taste of your sperm (we will alternate the terms semen and sperm but we refer to the same thing). This is true if your body and sperm is healthy. If you suffer from any sexual problem, your semen flavor is also affected by this.

Products make Semen Flavor Bad

  • -Onion; Garlic; Red meat; Fish;
  • -Cigarettes
  • -Coffee
  • -Alcohol

As you probably can see some of these products are used every day by many men. It looks like more than 70% from the total number of males are smoking and about 80% are drinking coffee. When it comes to such a big number we have for sure a problem. All of these are consumed daily and it looks like the semen taste of these guys is compromised. Well, this thing can be solved with a product which is 100% natural and it is made to improve your sperm taste. There are products which are made to improve your sperm taste but when it comes to the other ones which are consumed daily maybe it is not enough.

Products make Semen Flavor Great


  • -Pineapple (juice or fruit)
  • – Melon
  • -Meat with a small number of proteins

In the same time you need too protect your sperm health because some infections can also affect your sperm flavor. That is why for example you need to drink more than 2 l of water every day.

Tips for better Semen Flavor

Tips to improve the taste of your sperm and make your semen flavor better and sweeter:

1. Cut out alcohol, caffeine, recreational drugs and nicotine- they’re all pollutants.

2. Drink lots of water 1 – 2 liters a day to flush out body toxins. And in this way, your Semen Flavor will be much better.

3. Fruit get plenty each day and sweeten your sperm taste Pineapple, papaya cranberry, melons, mangos, apples grapes are all good choices. These fruits are high in natural sugars and offset the bitter taste. So take this fruits and your Semen Flavor will be much better.

4. Eat plenty of vegetables which are generally good for improving sperm taste. While it is true vegetarians generally have better tasting sperm there are vegetables to avoid: Any vegetables from the cabbage family big offenders also include Cauliflower, broccoli, or asparagus. In other words vegetable will make your Semen Flavor better.

5. Cut red meat consumption this is one pf the main offenders when it comes to making sperm taste salty. Dairy produce such as milk and cheese also make sperm taste salty. Make sure when you eat protein you get good quality lean protein such as chicken and turkey. Fish is claimed by some to be an offender in terms of taste, but this seems to vary between individuals. Try it and see the affects before cutting it out, fish is a major part of a healthy diet, so don’t cut it out!

6. Avoid heavy spices such as Garlic and onions, they’re big offenders when it comes to sperm taste, as they have a high sulfur content. They are not good for better Semen Flavor.

7. Do not buy products that claim to make your semen taste better there is no evidence that they work. Your semen can be made to taste better by overall changes in diet and lifestyle, it’s a complex formula and a good healthy diet has the biggest affect.

yummycum8. Parsley, wheatgrass, and celery are particularly recommended for sweeter semen taste, because of their high chlorophyll content. Good for Semen Flavor

9. Cinnamon, cardamom, peppermint and lemon are particularly recommended for making semen taste sweeter. Good for Semen Flavor.

10. Avoid junk food, they’re loaded with chemicals and preservatives that pollute your body and your semen’s taste. Bad for Semen Flavor.

Try and eat food “from the earth” i.e. as naturally as possible. Also consider taking a zinc and selenium supplement, both are needed for healthy sperm and can make the taste better. In other words zinc and selenium supplement will improve Semen Flavor.

Finally, strong smelling semen may indicate an infection, so if your semen taste doesn’t change when you change your diet, you should consider a visit to the doctor. Your aim with your diet is to eat one that helps your overall health and the above recommendations will not only make your semen taste better you will also feel fitter and healthier as well. Keep in mind that you can eat some of the foods we don’t recommend for sperm taste. You can enjoy red meat and the occasional spiced curry just keep in mind the following when considering sperm taste: What you put into your body takes between 12 and 24 hours to secrete out and you should simply keep this in mind before eating and deciding whether you want a better sperm taste on that particular day or not!

semen-tasteWhat are the conclusions

There are many things which are making your semen taste better or not. The main causes are here, in this article. As you probably realized there are many causes such as: coffer, alcohol or cigarettes which for some of you are indispensable. In the same time if you want your partner to offer you an oral sex and she doesn’t like your Semen Flavor what can you do? It is possible to have your passions and also a great sexual with the herbal product that we promote and which is offering because of its ingredients the best Semen Flavor


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